Month: March 2019

Activist Spotlight: Iman Abdul

In this week’s installment of the Spotlight Series, we bring you a conversation with Iman Abdul, born and raised in Brooklyn, who has dedicated her life to empowering New York City youth, championing the right of every child to a

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Teen Girls are Going to Save Our World

A huge student protest movement led almost exclusively by teenage girls and young women is sweeping Europe, and the US is not far behind. So far this year, tens of thousands of high school–age students in Belgium, Germany, and Sweden

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Third Graders Tackle Car Pollution in their Neighborhood

Did you know that Ubers, Lyfts and taxis produce more toxic emissions than any other form of transportation? Third graders in Williamsburg took on this issue during SLP’s Fall Residency and published an incredibly powerful newsletter to raise awareness in

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NYC Homelessness: A Persistently Urgent Concern for SLP Students

The SLP Residency begins with a basic question for our students: what are you worried about? What follows is a brainstorming session during which students identify issues of concern in their schools and neighborhoods.  The topics they raise, ranging from

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Activist Spotlight: Destiné Price

In this week’s installment of the Spotlight Series, we bring you a conversation with Destiné Price, a 19 year old writer from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Destiné uses her poetry to explore how racism works as a social construct and how this

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