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A Note of Gratitude

There is much to be worried about these days; and it can overwhelm the best of us. At SLP, we are grateful for the inspiration and energy of our Fall 2017 students: more than 200 Brooklyn youth ranging in age

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Community Advocacy in Sunset Park

Earlier this month, we participated in NYC Women in Action’s Youth-Parent Summit at PS 172 in Sunset Park- we were thrilled to contribute to this amazing event! Supported by Citizen’s Committee of NYC, the summit brought together neighborhood leaders, advocates,

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Lin-Manuel Miranda on Civic Engagement

  “Our voices can effect change. If you don’t have a dollar to spend, you can  make your voice heard and make an enormous difference.  Frankly, that’s what we have, and  there’s enormous power in the plurality of our voices.” 

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Compassion Fatigue: How to Stay Engaged When the News is Overwhelming

This post is by SLP Faculty member and Guest Blogger Claire Wampler. A few weeks ago, as Hurricane Maria crashed over Puerto Rico, a fourth grader at one of SLP’s partner schools said to me, “Miss Claire, there are so

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Clean Air Crusaders at Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

After considering multiple social issues affecting both their school and the larger community, 4th graders in the SLP Club at Brooklyn Prospect Charter School (BPCS) have decided to help prevent air pollution. Especially in New York City, air pollution poses

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Hurricane Destruction: How You Can Help

In quick succession, three hurricanes crashed through the Caribbean and southern United States, leaving overwhelming destruction behind.  Often, in the wake of a natural disaster, it can be hard to know how to be most helpful. With this level of

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Welcome to our New Faculty Members!

      Photo: fr. left to right: Maddie Perlmutter, Claire Wampler, Jessica Bundage, & Tracy Jo Ingram    We’re thrilled to welcome four new Faculty members to SLP!  Along with their passion for working with youth, they bring impressive

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Bullying in NYC Schools is on the Rise

In the recently released 2017 DOE Student Surveys, a vast majority of NYC public school students – more than 80% – report that bullying occurs at their school.  Although the questions varied slightly, which makes for an imperfect comparison, this

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NYC Special Needs Voucher Program Is Not Enough

This is the part two of a series on students with special needs by Guest Blogger and SLP Intern Juliana Castro.  According to a recent article on Chalkbeat (an incredible resource for education-related news), NYC families face a Herculean task when trying

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Increasing Accessibility In The Classroom: NYC Schools

This is the first post from SLP’s guest blogger and summer intern, Juliana Castro.  Juliana is a junior at Wesleyan University. A few years ago, 6th graders in SLP’s Residency Program tackled the issue of accessibility in NYC, specifically with

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