Traffic Safety


Slow Zone

Concerned about the many traffic accidents involving children in NYC, a second grade class joined a local advocacy campaign to slow traffic in their neighborhood. During their research, the students learned that the City Council had declined neighborhood requests to be designated a Slow Zone. To help show the widespread demand in the community, the class organized a petition drive for local residents and business owners.  They explained the need for a Slow Zone before asking each person to sign their “20 is Plenty” petition and collected more than 70 signatures. The students also created slower speed limit signs to post in their community and participated in a video campaign produced by a local non-profit.


Fifth graders in downtown Brooklyn were determined to help prevent the devastation caused by drunk driving.  Although driving under the influence is illegal, the punishment is severe, and the risks could not be more serious, close to 30 million people admitted to driving drunk in 2013.

Realizing this is not a problem that can be solved by changes in the law, the students decided to organize an awareness raising campaign, specifically targeted at teenagers. Click on the image to the right to view their Public Service Announcement (PSA).