An elective group of third and fourth graders at an elementary school in Fort Greene chose to help solve the growing crisis of homelessness in New York City. Through research and meetings with advocates in the field, they learned that a vast majority of the NYC homeless population consists of families with children living in temporary shelters. The class created the Public Service Announcement below to help raise awareness in their community and to persuade local legislators to make providing stable homes for children a top priority.

SLP Advocacy Partner Care for the Homeless (CFH) screened the PSA for guests at their 2016 annual gala to inspire them to participate in a text pledge drive. More than $25,000 in donations were pledged during the event. CFH is also using the PSA in other fundraising and policy efforts.

Two third grade classes in Brownsville chose to help solve the growing and seemingly intractable problem of street homelessness in NYC.

After meeting with staff from Care for the Homeless (CFH), the students decided to organize an advocacy campaign to persuade the City Council to fund CFH’s Peer-to-Peer Outreach program. The Outreach program is designed to “find the homeless where they are” by training formerly and currently homeless New Yorkers to educate adults living on the streets of NYC about free medical care and other critical services provided by CFH. The students organized a letter-writing campaign as well as a petition drive to persuade their local City Council member to support the program. The students were thrilled to learn that CFH received their requested funding!

One class also organized a sock drive to help adults living on the street stay warm and healthy during the winter months; the socks were delivered to a CFH medical clinic located near the school. The second class created hundreds of Care Kits with soap. shampoo, combs and more which were delivered to a drop-in shelter run by the Coalition for the Homeless.