Partner Support

For schools and community organizations that prefer to facilitate SLP projects independently, we offer a range of training, technical assistance, and online resources designed to give teachers and staff the tools they need to guide their students through our proven effective model of action civics. All SLP support is customized to meet the unique needs of our partners.

What is SLP?

The Service Learning Project (SLP) is an action civics program for elementary, middle, and high school-aged youth. Through our in school, after-school, and virtual programs, our students become leaders and agents of positive change in their communities by working together to help solve social problems of their choice. The students are in charge at SLP – every step of the process is youth-driven – and every final project has a real and profound impact.

Training: Fundamentals of SLP

This on-site workshop introduces teachers and staff to the fundamentals of youth-led action civics and to SLP’s five phase model. Topics covered include how to ensure projects are student-driven, how to help young people of all ages make collective decisions, how to build supportive partnerships in the community, and how to ensure students have a real and concrete impact. Partners can choose to extend the workshop to include small group/individual project planning. Note: Training can also be provided remotely.

Training Plus: Fundamentals & Project Strategizing

After providing the introductory workshop described above, SLP can continue to support partner staff during the course of student projects. Support ranges from email exchanges to telephone/Zoom discussions to on-site troubleshooting and can include:

  • One-on-one pre-project planning sessions
  • Recommendations of age-appropriate resources to support student research
  • Connections with potential guest speakers
  • One-on-one troubleshooting sessions during the course of a student project, as needed


Our most intensive option combines our introductory training and weekly one-one one meetings with participating partner staff with a robust set of customized online resources including:

  • Session guides
  • Custom built research padlets
  • Interactive student resources for each of project phase

Custom Workshops

We also provide stand-alone sessions designed in collaboration with our partners to help build discreet advocacy skills. These workshops can be for partner staff, students of all ages, families, or a combination of community members. Examples include:

  • How to Plan a Youth-Led Evening of Action (students)
  • How to Ensure a Project is Student-Led (teachers/staff)
  • Ingredients of Effective Persuasion (teachers/staff/students/community members)


Fees are determined by the level of support requested, the duration of the partnership, and the number of staff participating.

How to Participate

Interested in SLP Partner Support? Click here to complete our Partner Interest Form or contact us at We’ll be in touch very soon!