Gun Violence

School Shootings

After the horrific shooting in Parkland, high school seniors in Bay Ridge chose to focus on promoting school safety and advocating for increased gun regulation. Working in partnership with Students Demand Action (SDA), an Everytown for Gun Safety initiative, the students created a school-based Student Safety Coalition (SSC), a youth-led group through which teens promote a safer school environment and raise awareness around the issue of gun violence in schools. They organized a multi-faceted campaign to raise awareness in their high school – including a PSA, in-class presentations, and a school assembly- and created a How To Guide and video to inspire teens around the country to start SSCs of their own. Impressed with their advocacy , Everytown shared these resources with their extensive nationwide network of schools.


Third graders in Brooklyn Heights chose to help prevent gun violence through stronger federal gun laws. They produced a news segment to help raise awareness about the stalling of a national background check in Congress. The segment includes a call to action and instructions for how to contact Congressional representatives. They also created this resource: “I’m too young to vote, what can I do to help stop gun violence?”  

Community Violence

Third graders in Bedford Stuyvesant decided to tackle their neighborhood’s constant struggle with guns and gun violence. During the Research Phase of their project, they conducted a peer survey which revealed heartbreaking statistics: 16% of third and fourth graders in their school had witnessed someone getting shot and 24% felt scared of guns while walking to and from school. To raise awareness about the pervasiveness of guns in their community, along with the resulting trauma experienced by far too many, these young advocates – all 8 and 9 years old – created a powerful Public Service Announcement (PSA).