Increasing Voter Education & Turnout in NYC

Inspired by the historic get-out-the-vote efforts in the run up to the November 2020 election, middle school students in an SLP Lab decided to focus on increasing voter turnout in NYC. Stunned to learn that only 14% of registered voters turnout for local elections, these 6th-8th graders decided to collect and share information both to encourage NYC residents to vote – and to help remove barriers created by a system that does not sufficiently prioritize widespread voter education. Their comprehensive research included learning about ranked choice voting, understanding the role of city government, and interviews with candidates for both the City Council and the Mayor’s office. They created this NYC voter guide which includes information about how to vote, the benefits of ranked choice voting, the roles and responsibilities of various local elected officials, and more. Until these young advocates can exercise their own right to vote, they are doing everything they can to help make sure eligible voters have the information and the support they need to exercise this most fundamental right of citizenship.