Looking to integrate a student-led advocacy project into your school’s intersession or a school break? SLP Workshop is a unique opportunity for students in grades K-12 to build critical academic, social, and emotional skills while having a real impact on a social issue they are passionate about!

Students collecting a soil sample during their SLP Intensive Workshop.

What is SLP?

The Service Learning Project (SLP) is an action civics program for elementary, middle, and high school-aged youth. Through our in school, after-school, and virtual programs, our students become leaders and agents of positive change in their communities by working together to help solve social problems of their choice. The students are in charge at SLP – every step of the process is youth-driven – and every final project has a real and profound impact.


SLP Workshop is a one-week accelerated program offered at any time during the school year. This option is for school and community partners who are looking to engage young people in an intensive week-long advocacy project.

Using our proven effective student-driven model of action civics, SLP Faculty guide students as they work through the five phases of an SLP project:

1. Choosing a social issue which they are passionate about

2. Becoming experts on their issue through extensive research

3. Developing an alternative solution

4. Creating and implementing a plan to advocate for their solution

5. Reflecting on the experience and considering how they can continue to use their new leadership and advocacy skills

This intensive option takes place over the course of five, full-day workshops held at the host school or community organization. SLP Faculty work closely with school and CBO staff both to prepare for the session through pre-planning and during the weeklong workshop. Our students have tackled a wide range of social issues from bullying to child nutrition to homelessness to gun violence to climate change. Their chosen solutions are varied and include direct action, changes to school policies, awareness-raising campaigns, fundraising, coalition building, and petitioning local and national legislators. You can find many examples of inspiring SLP projects here.

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