Residency Program


The SLP Residency is a 12-week program, offered in both the fall and spring semesters, and integrated into the school-day curriculum.  SLP Faculty meet weekly with classes of 15-30 students, during a time determined by the host school. Partner schools often consider the SLP Residency part of their social studies or Advisory curriculum, while some offer SLP as an elective.

Working in collaboration with classroom teachers, our Faculty guide students as they work together to choose a social issue, become experts through intensive research, develop an alternative solution, and then create and implement an advocacy strategy.

Every step of the process is student-driven.  Every project helps build academic, social, and personal skills. Every solution has a real and meaningful impact.

While we encourage teachers and school staff to participate in SLP discussions, and their input in planning is invaluable, there is no additional demand on school staff. SLP faculty handle the preparation for weekly lessons and activities, arrange guest speakers, connect with advocacy and other outside organizations, collect research materials, and provide general trouble-shooting.

Interested in bringing SLP to your school? We are now accepting applications for partner sites. Click here to learn more.