Community Advocacy in Sunset Park

Earlier this month, we participated in NYC Women in Action’s Youth-Parent Summit at PS 172 in Sunset Park- we were thrilled to contribute to this amazing event!

Supported by Citizen’s Committee of NYC, the summit brought together neighborhood leaders, advocates, parents and kids for an inspiring day of skill building.  SLP’s workshops, attended by both parents and kids, focused on the elements of an effective advocacy presentation. Participants worked together to create advocacy “pitches” that combined their passion, research-based issue facts, and concrete solutions.















Focusing on issues of particular concern to Sunset Park residents- including the lack of affordable housing, asthma caused by car pollution, and pedestrian injuries and fatalities due to unsafe driving- each group created a pitch that could be delivered to a local City Council or Community Board member.

The energy was high, parents and kids were determined, and all left the day’s event feeling more optimistic about their ability to make their voices heard.