SLP Students Partner With NYC Non-Profit Care For The Homeless

Last night, SLP students helped raise more than $25,000 for NYC-based non-profit Care for the Homeless (CFH)!

CFH is an advocacy organization founded 30 years ago to provide healthcare to homeless individuals and families in NYC. During the research phase of their SLP project, 3rd and 4th graders at an elementary school in Brooklyn met with CFH staff to learn more about the growing crisis of homelessness, and how they could help.  Also attending the meeting were two members of the CFH Speakers Bureau, advocates who share their personal stories of homelessness.  This was a truly profound experience that challenged the students to question their assumptions about the causes of homelessness.

During several weeks of intensive research, the class learned that a vast majority of the homeless population in NYC consists of families with children living in temporary shelters. They decided to produce a Public Service Announcement to raise awareness in their community and persuade local legislators to make providing homes for children a top priority.  Last night, CFH screened the PSA for the guests at their annual gala to inspire them to participate in a text pledge drive. More than $25,000 in donations were pledged during the event.  CFH is also using the PSA in other fundraising and policy efforts.

We are thrilled to partner with this amazing organization, and to see SLP students have a significant advocacy impact outside of their school community.

To learn more about the critical work of the CFH, visit their website.