Talking With The Experts

A critical part of the research phase of SLP’s Residency Program is interaction with experts in the field.  Last week, staff from Care for the Homeless (CFH) met with two groups of 3rd graders at an elementary school in Brownsville, Brooklyn.  Both classes have chosen to help solve the growing crisis of homelessness in NYC, with a particular focus on street homeless.

After describing their critical work providing medical care and other support to homeless New Yorkers, the CFH staff gave the students advice about how to be effective advocates.  They then asked the students to consider advocating for one CFH’s new initiatives: a peer-to-peer mentoring program.  If CFH succeeds in raising funds from the City Council, they will hire and train currently and formerly homeless adults to go out and find homeless people and bring them to CFH clinics to receive free medical care.

Visit the CFH website to find out more about CFH and how you can support their important work, including the peer-to-peer mentoring program.

We are so grateful to CFH and all of SLP’s partner organizations, who take time our of their own advocacy work to share their expertise and advice with our students!